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Custom Wood


Basswood Plantation Shutters for Every Space

Solid basswood is used for all our wood shutters. Contrary to some false claims, wood shutters do not peel, warp or fade, and our warranty covers these types of manufacturing or finish defects. In fact they are very durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, can be easily re-finished years from now. We have installed wood shutters in humid areas as well as the hot desert without any problems. The only place that wood shutters would not be recommended would be over a water source.

Shutters have traditionally been made of wood, and have proven over hundreds of years to be a quality product that is durable and attractive. These shutters offer you the benefits of beauty, versatility, and low price.

Energy Benefits of Wood Shutters

Shutters provide insulation against heat, sun and the cold, allowing you to save money on energy costs. When the louvers are closed, the shutters block out the sunlight and heat and provide ultraviolet protection. The sun’s rays reflect back instead of being absorbed into your home. During colder climates, shutters insulate against the cold and keeps the heat indoors. So during the heat and cold, shutters save you money on your energy bills.



  • Brass

  • Chrome

  • White

  • Off white

  • Antique


  • 2 ½”

  • 3 ½”

  • 4 ½”

Specialty Shapes

  • Sunburst

  • Arched top

  • Eyebrow

  • Circle

  • Rake

  • Octagon


  • Beaded 1 ½” (standard)

  • Bullnose 1 ½” (standard)

  • Decorative 2 ½”

  • Decorative Z

Wood shutters can be painted or stained. Stained shutters do cost more than the painted shutters. We offer 6 stock paint and 5 stain choices, as well as your choice of louver size and hinges at no extra cost. The shutters can be custom painted or stained for an additional fee.

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